Town of West Union, WV
Established July 20, 1881
County Seat of Doddridge County

The most progressive Class IV city in the State of West Virginia

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June 2010

                                                                      Regular Meeting
June 1, 2010 @7:00 PM
City Hall, 300 Court Street, West Union

Mayor Fetty called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. Present were Dave Bonnell, George Buechner, Mary Daugherty, Lowell McAfee, and Etta Stadler, Recorder. Nancy Travis, council member, arrived at 7:30 PM. Guests present were Fred Smith, Robert and Shirley Bousman, Anton Newkirk, of Stronghold Energy Solutions, Monte Tremont, and Chief Gerald Turner.

George Buechner motioned to approve the minutes, as corrected. Mary Daugherty seconded and council approved. Motion was made by Lowell McAfee to approve the invoices presented and those forthcoming. The motion was seconded by Dave Bonnell and approved
Robert and Shirley Bousman of Church Street asked that the drain in their backyard be continued so it does not wash out the bank in the yard. It should be angled differently, and has been a problem since the sewer project several years ago. Motion was made by George Buechner to go to the property with Dave Bonnell at 1:00 on Thursday, June 3rd to resolve the problem, if a result of the project. Motion was seconded by Dave Bonnell and approved by council.

Chief Turner presented his April and May reports as follows:
Warning Citations 32
Citations Speeding 15
No Seat Belt 05
No Insurance 05
Exp. Regis. 01

Crimes Gas Drive off 01 Eviction 01
Petit Larceny 01 Assist Domestic 01
B & E 02 Assist Stolen Vehicle 01
Court 02 Assist Serve Warrant 01

Complaints Child Custody 02 Vehicle 01
Animal 04 Drug 02
Noise 01
Suspicious Person 02

Chief Turner stated that Aggie, the county animal control officer, was still not authorized to enforce our laws in town. Etta told him that the motion made to contract her, was rescinded. The deputy WV State Attorney General stated the town should enter a Mutual Assistance agreement with the County. After the meeting, the Town requested a Mutual Assistance agreement from the Doddridge County Commission, but has had no response from them. Chief Turner also stated that the breakers in his office would shut off, when he had all the equipment running. The breakers are also loose in the box. Etta stated that she would contact the electrician that installed the box to check it. Lowell McAfee motioned to approve the April and May reports. George Buechner seconded and council approved.

The Resolution to fly the flag and to allow vendors to operate without the Business License for the Festival was presented from last month. Motion to approve the resolution was made by Lowell McAfee and seconded by George Buechner. Council approved.
Motion was made by Lowell McAfee to approve $200.00 for the award of prizes in the amount of $100.00 each for Best Float, Costume, Liar, and the drawing from the festival guest book.

Monte Tremont asked if the DC Sheriff was assisting with the police coverage during the race on Saturday morning and intermittent coverage throughout the day? Mayor Fetty stated that he had requested the coverage from the Sheriff, via letter. George Buechner, county liaison, stated that before the Commission meeting earlier in the day, Sheriff Underwood stated that he had no deputies to spare. Mayor Fetty stated that he will contact the WV State Police Detachment to see if they are available. Monte asked if the inmates would be available to help with festival clean-up on Saturday evening Mayor Fetty stated he would get a list of what needed to be done from Frances.

Anton Newkirk, CEO of Stronghold Energy Solutions, was present to discuss the business venture they were beginning. He discussed the money saving benefits and the carbon offsets of steam generated energy. Carbon credits would be paid by the Federal government. He would like to have the other members of his corporation do a demonstration for the council members. They would need authorization to run lines under the streets for the steam to run. Council expressed interest, but would like to have more information on the process and the company.

Mayor Fetty asked Fred Smith what his ideas were regarding the flooding from the West Main Street area onto his yard. He felt if the storm grate, which is higher than the road, was lowered approx. 8-10 inches and repaired, it would resolve the water flowing over the rail trail onto his property. Dave Bonnell motioned the drain be lowered 10” at Depot Street and West Main street and that we construct a larger box culvert or catch basin with a larger drain; repairs to be done on Depot Street by the end of June. Lowell McAfee seconded and council approved the motion.

Delinquent accounts and those customers that could not be located for prosecution, in the amount of $3,474.77 were presented to write off. Lowell McAfee motioned to write off the delinquent accounts, with the exception of #1400. The adjusted amount of $3,425.16. Dave Bonnell seconded the motion and council approved.
Nancy Travis motioned to approve Doug Leggett’s request for an extension on his retirement to October 31, 2010. Lowell McAfee seconded the motion and council approved.

George Buechner attended the Commission meeting and they requested the Town move a light for the walking bridge to the third pole down from Marie Street so the middle of the bridge would be lighted. Council will contact the resident that requested Allegheny install the lights on the end of the bridge to see what could be done. Allegheny installed the lines at the end of the bridge because of the alleged drug dealing. The Town is under no obligation to light the WV Department of Highways’ bridge.

Motion to adjourn at 9:10 PM was made by Dave Bonnell and Lowell McAfee seconded the motion.

Town of West Union Payroll 4,994.30
DC Teen Court Remittance 30.00
WV Treasurer Remittance Fees 200.00
Verizon Police 98.82/Office142.23 241.05
Tony’s Auto Police Auto Repair 65.00
Staples Brochures 314.84
Allegheny Power Street Lights $1,012.22 1,012.22

1987/1998 USDA Loans 6,529.00
1998 Reserve Fund 242.00
1998 Depreciation Fund 242.00
Municipal Bond Commission 98/02 6,378.81
Town of West Union Payroll 27,260.00
West Union Bank 386.00
National Road Utility 226.05
Amtower Auto 47.68
McCormicks Hrdware 44.34
Burgess & Niple 3,000.00
DHHR Laboratory 39.00
Waste Management 127.26
WV Dept of Highways 591.12
Reliance Laboratories 255.00
Scientific Methods 1,005.00
Town of West Union-Utility 472.40
Fairview Chevron 173.66
Michels Pharmacy 7.38
Travis Auto (tires) 316.00
Smith & Loveless 1,280.60
CI Thornburg 2,000.00 (approx)
HD Waterwarks 569.00
Miss Utility 10.00
Liveley Insurance 300.00
Verizon 182.39
Allegheny Power 3,409.50

_________________________________ _________________________________
Robert F. Fetty, Mayor  /  Etta A. Stadler, Recorder

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