Town of West Union, WV
Established July 20, 1881
County Seat of Doddridge County

The most progressive Class IV city in the State of West Virginia

Town of West Union Seal designed by John Droppleman


Message may be left for any members at City Hall 304-873-1400 or via email at

City Clerk: Joe Cross

Town of West Union Elected Officers
Term July 1, 2013-June 30, 2015

Mayor:  Joseph R. Thorpe

Council:  Michael Amos, Mary M Daugherty, Deborah Foreman, Lowell McAfee, Nancy Travis

Recorder: Roxanne Adams

Official West Union, WV Poem


by Christina Taylor

Heavenly Blues with pale perfume
suffuse the picket fence.
Profuse, these mini-skies in bloom
delight the eye immense.

Begonias court the bumblebees
and roses boldly blush
as fuchsia cones erect with ease
near creepers, green and lush.

Golden straws exude nirvana,
drink the day-spring beams
as darts of lavender pierce the dawn
of dark Datura dreams.

Lilies curl with flair and grace
in faint and fiery hues,
and mums embrace their proper place
'mid dainty Palace Blues,

and pollen swells where sprightly dwells
the flutter of butterflies,
and hummers plunge to nectar bells
in our garden paradise,

where boundless beauty celebrates
'til hearts on petals fly,
and music daily resonates
through the quaint West Union sky.

2006 Christina Taylor


Close up of courthouse frieze by Sheila (Snoopy) Sutton
Close up of courthouse frieze by Sheila (Snoopy) Sutton

Doddridge County Courthouse on Court Street in West Union, is on the National Historical Register. This pseudo-Greek architecture includes stained glass windows and a cut stone archway. Constructed 1899 and 1903.

Fowler's 1899 "Birds' eye view of West Union"

Fowler's 1899 "Birds' eye view of West Union"
Click for larger view

West Union Quick Facts:

  • Middle Island Creek, the longest creek in the world, is 75 miles long.  Wending through the heart of West Union, it terminates into the Ohio River.

  • West Union's current major industries are oil and gas production, and lumbering.  Past major industries were the production of railroad ties,  oil and gas production, farming, and lumbering.  For the future, oil and gas production appears sure, and the historic little town is a perfect movie set for the film industry, and for tourism. 

  • Fishing: All publicly stocked streams in West Virginia are open to the public.  Trout fishing licenses are available in both three-day or seasonal versions. Residents and nonresidents may call: 1-(800)-Call-WVA

  • The hunting and fishing hotline is: (304) 558-3399

  • The Historical Walking Tour of West Union (see above for photo link) is self-guided.  Brochures may be obtained at the Town Hall or at J & J's Florist on Main St.

  • Settled prior to 1787. West Union was incorporated by the Virginia General Assembly on March 14, 1850 and by the West Virginia legislature in 1881.


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Photos donated to the Town of West Union by Waine and Barbara Nicholdon of WV Power Gliders  
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We would like to encourage others to record the history of the community where they grew up. Many of the small communities are dying out and soon their history will be forgotten. John De Brular has offered to help those who want to undertake such a project with ideas and resources (along with encouragement). You may contact him in care of this website address:
First established across Middle Island Creek from Lewisport, "Union" was the proposed name of the new town.

Some say that as there was already a "Union, WV", "West Union, West Virginia" was the decided upon name; others say that the Town was named "Union" as it was established after the Civil War; still OTHERS say it was named for the Union of Lewisport with the new township...

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Elevation: 828 feet
Average Snowfall: 30" - 35" per year :)
Longitude: -80.7772
Latitude: 39.2964
Incorporated in 1881, West Union is the Doddridge County Seat.
Population: 806 (2000 Census)

There are still some Civil War Medals left unclaimed from WV ~ check it out at

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A Plea for Help - from Doddridge County Historical Society


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