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For Immediate Release: by Frances Stewart

West Union, WV - The office of Governor Joe Manchin III, the 34th Governor of West Virginia, has issued a Proclamation declaring July 22, 2006, West Union, WV Day.

The Town of West Union has a long and admirable history of contributions to West Virginia and to the United States. It is a physically and geographically beautiful area, which played a significant role in the Westward expansion of the United States.

West Union was once a major stop on the B & O Railroad. This 72 mile abandoned spur of the RR is now a major feature of the West Virginia Parks system known as the North Bend Rail Trail. The trail is now part of the 5,500-mile coast-to-coast American Discovery Trail. The Rail Trail is lovely as it wends its way through downtown West Union, provided recreational outlets for hikers, bicyclists, and equestrians.

The history of West Union is dotted with names significant in the formation of the state of West Virginia.

Ephraim Bee, the first United States Postmaster for West Union, and the Grand Lama of the Ancient and Honorable Order of E. Clampus Vitus, which he established, served in the First West Virginia Legislature of 1863. His Historic Monument, created by ECV to honor him on the Bi-Centennial of his Birth, will be coordinated with the July 22, 2006 Festival honoring the 125th Anniversary of the Town of West Union.

Joseph Diss Debar, an artist and surveyor, was prominent in matters of state. Governor Boreman appointed him commissioner of immigration in 1864. Diss Debar was commissioned to design the State Seal for The State of West Virginia, which is still being used without change.

West Union is the County Seat of Doddridge County. Almost 1/5th of the town is comprised of historic homes.

The National Historical Register lists the County Courthouse, the Stuart Mansion, the Opera House, (now the Doddridge County Library), the Lathrop Russell House, and the area roughly bounded by B&O RR, Court St, and Cottage St., West Union, as an official historic area with a predominant architectural style of Queen Anne, Italianate.

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