Top 3 unique places where you can see the sunrise around the world ?

A beautiful sunrise can make even the laziest night owls wake up early and celebrate the morning. From a frosty awakening at the Arctic Pole to a red dawn in the Jordanian Desert, we've selected some incredible destinations to watch the sunrise in its most beautiful form around the world.

Sunrise in Fiji

Exactly on the 180-degree longitudinal line, Fiji is one of the first places in the world to see the sun rise every day. The pristine island of Taveuni (also known as Garden Iceland) provides the perfect setting to watch the dawn, with tropical forests and deserted beaches hidden from civilisation. Once the sun is fully exposed, dive in and marvel at the mix of red, orange and pink coral scattered along the reefs.

Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

Boasting the world's largest collection of 'hoodoos' (earth pyramids or 'fairy chimneys') wind-eroded rock columns Bryce Canyon is distantly reminiscent of a series of stone skyscrapers. Welcome the new day from the top of the Rim Trail, or head to the aptly named Sunrise Point for the best views in the whole canyon. It will be full, but with room for everyone if you can, try to find a space overlooking the west side of the canyon.

Dawn City welcomes the morning arrival in Tulum

In this case, you don't need to set an alarm clock in Tulum, just follow the crowds that gather at the seaside to watch the sun rise each day. The coastal oasis of Tulum attracts spiritual travellers all year round to watch the sun cut across the horizon in front of the Mayan ruins of Zama, known as the City of Dawn. Look away from the ocean for a minute and watch the morning light behind you colour the beautiful ruins of El Castillo temple in orange tones.